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Branded campaigns

#phonerumour, it’ll have lickable touchscreens with 12 flavour settings. A branded campaign design that was individual, that invited users to get involved, receiving submitted rumour ideas from the community...

Digital & UI/UX design

Eat well and stay F.I.T., the exercise and lifestyle routines app that can transform your fitness and help you feel strong in mind and body...

Responsive web & banner assets

Innovators and world superchargers, Nvidia pioneer the demanding world of supercomputing, supporting scientists, designers, artists and gamers. Their passion for constant drive is seen in all their products...

Digital brand identity

A 10 billion dollar worldwide online hotel business launched in India in 2013 and growing fast, a progressive company working to elevate their brand presence throughout the UK...

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Hello... My name is Paul Lawrence. I am a dedicated and professional Digital and UI Designer, fuelled by a passion to always create, discover and innovate. A team player who relishes getting under the skin of design, by leading or collaborating with brand and marketing teams. I have proven experience in creating and evolving branded digital projects, as well as designing and developing digital campaigns across responsive web and social platforms.

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